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I spotted this lovely flower in my local shop owner's garden as I walked past so asked him what it was.  He is from Vietnam and couldn't tell me the English name but says they use it in stir fry.   Now, I have another friend from Vietnam who was growing loofahs and she used them in stir fries too but couldn't tell me what this one was from the flower.  In all the photos I've seen of loofahs growing, they have a bright yellow flower. 
 And according to my grocer friend, this particular vegetable doesn't get that hard "skeleton" inside like the loofah does.  These last 2 shots were taken from the footpath.
It must have been ready for picking because was gone a couple of days after this shot was taken.
[edit 2/11/13 - Thanks to Kerrie, I believe we've identified this one, but will confirm with my grocer when I next see him.  It appears to be Chi Qua and you can read all about it here along with other Asian vegetables and how to use them.  Thanks again Kerrie!]

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