(and sometimes the beast!)




 Funny how sometimes you don't see what's right in front of you until you really look.  I had been amusing myself watching a couple of blue-faced honey eaters flying in and out of a neighbour's cabbage palm and realised they must have a nest because they were playing tag.  One flew in and the other flew out in search of more food.
Regular readers might remember my excitement when 2 brown honey eaters hatched their babies right outside my front door. They didn't return this year, no doubt terrified by my constant presence. These fledglings are a lot further away and quite high up so I haven't got quite the same vantage point or access. 
It wasn't until after I'd downloaded the first 2 shots that I realised I could see those babies crying for food.  When I rushed back out to get a better shot, the light had faded but they are definitely there, although not visible to my naked eye.  Thank goodness for zoom lenses!  Hopefully, in better light I'll get a couple of nice shots tomorrow.  Prepare to be bored to death by baby bird.


  1. Oh well done with that zoom Sandy! Great shot.....even tho you didn't realise you'd done it! lol. I should have taken one of the Butcher bird's nest in that tree on the back corner of our house, but it's so high up it probably wouldn't have made a very good shot! They've been making life VERY difficult for our and the neighbours' cats for weeks!! :)

  2. Thanks Pam. Have been out a few more times but nothing anywhere near as good. The wind is up though and move their palm frond around. Hope they don't fall out!

  3. You are so good with your photos I am very impressed.

  4. Thanks Cath, sorry haven't managed to get any better shots, too windy for a start, so now have to worry about whether the babies will fall out!