(and sometimes the beast!)




  If you live in a place frequented by Little Corellas you won't need an alarm clock I'm sure.
  I call this fella "Corella the Redeemer". He gave me a great view of his yellow underwing feathers.
These guys were screeching outside the window at work this morning at 6.15am and proceeded to fight over the palm fronds out front. The windows were a tad dirty but the photos seem to be fairly clear.
"Yes, I see you too" (I didn't moon him)!
Their acrobatics were quite entertaining; this one was hanging by his beak from the new frond he'd destroyed before managing to find his feet.
Some of the Corella "fruit" hanging out together, making do with old fronds.


  1. Thanks Chris. I am rarely without my camera and here's a perfect example of why. Thanks for visiting....