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 Driving home from work yesterday as the sun was going down, I was quite staggered by the colour of the sky.  So unusual and the sun looked like a giant orange at one stage as it struggled to shine through the clouds (or was it smoke?).  I was increasingly frustrated though, because I could find nowhere to stop and photograph the wonder of it.  Finally, I stopped at the Shell Panorama in Nambour and took this shot but by then the clouds had dissipated somewhat and the colour more subdued.  Why is it that the middle of the road has the best view of what I want to shoot?  Note to self: buy a motorcycle, no shortage of places to stop then.
 This shot was taken at sunset from Coolum Beach a couple of years ago and I took it because I loved the layers of pastel colour which were reflected from the sunset behind me.  Oh, the black thing you can see out to sea is a large rock not a whale. 
A friend who lives in Woombye has a house where one can perfectly capture the setting sun from her balcony.  This one was taken in November 2012. Wonder if I could rent a room there?  Meanwhile, I'll keep looking to the sky and searching for the perfect vantage point.

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