(and sometimes the beast!)




 I was very chuffed with myself the other day having managed to get quite a few, halfway-decent snaps of some blue banded bees hanging around our comfrey plant, which has very pretty little bell like flowers they apparently love.  
 Anyone who is familiar with these insects will realise just how difficult that can be except at night when they're resting, you can see about that more here and here.  They are incredibly quick and spent very little time in the flowers that day.  They do sound like blow flies so be careful with the spray or swat when you hear buzzing around the house.
So, there I am gloating about the shots, when I saw this....
Cheeky blighter!  He's looking right at me too but so cunningly blends in with the foliage that I didn't see him until the photo was enlarged on the computer screen.  I went straight back out and I can tell you he's not blending in anywhere now, although lots of his brothers and sisters are.  Sigh. The vege garden is suffering from their constant snacking.  Don't get me started on the lady beetles.... 


  1. What great photos girls, love love love Bees :-)

  2. These are particularly pretty with their blue stripes. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Hahaha He's trying to look inconspicuous.

    1. He did a great job of being inconspicuous. I must've missed your comment Ms Liana. Thanks for visiting though.