(and sometimes the beast!)




This morning I was going to try to get a recording of the catbird I could hear somewhere around but was distracted by this very shy bird in a neighbour's tree and soon forgot about the catbird.  This fellow was playing hide and seek with me and what I've got for you is almost a jigsaw, due to the thick foliage and the wind blowing the branches around.
Its red eyes were fixed on me most of the time, no doubt worried I'd harm him.  I've never seen one in this area before so feel quite privileged to have spotted it.

With such a strong beak I initially thought perhaps it was a bird of prey of some kind until I noticed how long the tail was. I kept trying to get a decent shot of the whole bird, which was virtually impossible with the wind blowing so much, and its shyness didn't help.  Anyway, I'll put you out of your misery and tell you it's a Pheasant Coucal, although the post title gives it away somewhat.  
 This is a close up of the wing feathers, so very pretty aren't they?  I gather during the breeding season, the head feathers turn black and then go back to the russet colours after the season is over.
And, finally, a shot of the tail!  Shortly afterwards he turned around and flew out the back of the tree out of my view.  I'll be on the lookout now for him.


  1. The colour and clarity are stunning Sandy, love them!

    1. Thanks Liana, I'm becoming a bit of a twitcher; can't get enough of watching the birds, although none of these is rare. Just rare to me....