(and sometimes the beast!)




The pond in question is at Mapleton and, perhaps, the pond was not so golden on the day we were there. But the lilies put on quite a show.
There are two ponds on either side of the road and one is quite choked with lilies. This photo shows 3 of the different colours growing there and somewhere hiding under a leaf is a water hen which ducked just as I clicked the shutter.
 The pond on this side had more water and a few ducks as well. We promised ourselves we would go back on a nicer day to have a good look around. I believe there is a nice walk to a waterfall nearby as well.
 I love the colour of these pale pink water lilies in the watery pond. There's also some tiny white ones there dotted around.
                                     The yellow lilies are beautiful as well. 
Here's the only purple lily I could see that day, and that shy water hen.


  1. Wow, that's one huge pond. Loving your flower photos, so pretty. I was bitten by a duck once.

  2. I guess it is large Di, didn't stop to think about it. Thanks for visiting though. Hope the duck didn't do too much damage?

  3. I've just had a lovely time catching up on your posts over the last few months. Love all your photos of the interesting wildlife and plants. There are some very interesting things going on where you live. xx

    1. Hi Jackie, Thanks for the compliments & nice to see you back, look forward to seeing life around your way too!

  4. The one purple lily is amazing! Just gorgeous Sandy.

  5. Thanks Liana, they are so pretty I doubt one could stuff it up!