(and sometimes the beast!)




Pure luck had me at the back door the other day as this beauty flew to a nearby tree.  I managed to get inside and grab my camera and get off 2 quick shots before he flew away, after apparently deciding I was not suitable prey.  Phew! With the help of a friend I can tell you this is a Pacific Baza or crested hawk. I was happy to get a decent snap of him and am only sorry I didn't see the front as they look quite different with barred chest feathers.  At first glance, before he turned his head to give me the death stare, I thought it was a very large pigeon. But no, a very regal chap indeed.
The next day I stalked my own prey.  I have posted about these osprey previously here; they have a nest in a telephone tower near where I work.  After I finished my shift the other morning, I parked near the tower and watched this fellow preen himself in the morning sun for quite a while before I got bored (and sleepy) and drove home. They are quite magnificent. 
Today, I heard a bit of squawking and carrying on in the wild tobacco plant in the back neighbour's yard and was interested to watch this quite small female figbird gulp down a couple of huge fruits from the plant. Here she's working out how to get the first one down....
... and here she is having succeeded. I almost heard her gulp!
 This is the male of the species which has, as you can see, quite different colouring, both around the eyes and the feathers. 


  1. Perhaps it is the Lesser Crested Julie Bishop bird.

  2. I did ask around for you Badger but apparently they (and their raucous cry) are almost extinct! Thanks for the suggestion..,.