(and sometimes the beast!)




With the number of birds I've been posting about of late, perhaps I should rename the blog Snapshots of Birds?  
After the plethora of colourful parrots that fly through the area, I'm posting this crested pigeon because, to be honest, until I saw this photo on the computer I hadn't realised just how colourful they are.  Look at the wings and that pink blush on the chest; then there are those bright pink feet and eyes.
Here is one not quite so colourful, perhaps the sun wasn't hitting him in the right spot or it's a juvenile which I read are not quite so pretty.  He/she and 3 friends were waiting their turn at the seed but the particularly colourful (and bossy) rainbow lorikeet refused to let them dine. The pigeon is quite timid even in a flock from what I've observed at this feed station.  


  1. I hadn't realised it either Sandy. He's very pretty indeed. Lovely shot! ♥

  2. Thank you my dear, I can always rely on you. Have sent a copy to Chris for Mum to see if she can paint it.

  3. So pretty, almost as though the pigeon is wearing make-up!

  4. Yes, although I think the sun was shining just so on all his plumage. Those feet are bright though! Thanks for visiting.