(and sometimes the beast!)




Since installing my home made bird feeder in the crepe myrtle out front I have enjoyed sitting on the verandah watching all the different birds visit.  I may have to install another feeder to stop all the fighting though!  The rainbow lorikeets are the most frequent and are so bossy when they want to feed they just swoop in and everyone else scatters.  They are entertaining though and manage to get themselves in all sorts of positions. 
The pale headed rosellas usually arrive in pairs and are not bossy at all, although they are quite vocal.
I posted about the crested pigeons here and one day when I arrived home from work I counted 16 of them sitting in the tree politely waiting their turn while 2 others enjoyed what was on offer. Not a lorikeet to be seen that day.
These two babies waited nearby on the power lines to the house.
I'm also suddenly getting visited by white headed pigeons.  I thought it was just one but perhaps he was the scout because most days now there's half a dozen of them.  
They are much larger than the crested pigeons and turtle doves but just as timid really.
Although perhaps not quite as skittish as the chestnut finches, whose heads, at times, were barely visible above the rim of the dish.  For some reason, they reminded me of meerkats, the way their heads popped up and down.  We used to get flocks of these finches in the area but sadly, this is the first time I've seen any in ages and it was only three which were chased off by blue faced honeyeaters who aren't even interested in the feeder.
I have even had a couple of sulphur crested cockatoos visit. They are quite large birds and this one managed to reef the large seed block out of the feeder because he couldn't get in. 
Oops!  Lost it!
"Thanks very much," said the king parrot when he saw it.  
I eventually went down and put the remainder back in the feeder so the cats wouldn't also get a feed (of bird).
Yesterday, the tree was full of pigeons and lorikeets when a few cockatoos screeched overhead and everyone took off frantically in all directions.  The cockatoos were probably sounding a warning because high up was a hawk of some kind circling around looking for prey.  Shortly after, I heard a loud bump and out on the road, having flown into a parked car, was this.
Pigeon pie anyone?  
When I was a child we were very poor and my father was often out of work.  Whenever pigeons stunned themselves flying into the house windows, he would run out and get them for Nana to make pigeon pie.  Apparently.  I have no memory of eating it but then I guess I wouldn't because they wouldn't waste it on we children.  I've often had pigeons fly into my windows here but have managed to restrain myself.


  1. Love your post Sandy and you've got some fab shots! I hadn't realised you had so many feathered visitors up there. and those little finches are gorgeous. Wish we still had them coming here. All we get these days are the big or aggressive birds and doves and pigeons. Still must be grateful for the birds we do get!

    Glad I don't remember dad doing that either. Charming, tho needs must I suppose back in those poor days! ♥

    p.s. sometimes birds only stun themselves like that last poor thing, and lie around looking dead, then are able to fly away.

  2. Thanks Pam. I don't actually remember it, Mum told me about it. I watched the poor bird for some time and he didn't recover. I'd say his neck was broken.

  3. So funny Sandy - their antics are like Bold and the Beautiful, but feathered and at the bird feeder!

    1. Yes, every day something new, or some new bird. I've had to go out and buy more seed! Thanks for visiting...

  4. Oh no! Was not expecting things to take a turn for the morbid, although the title of the post should have tipped me off. At least the first 11 photos are pretty. LOL.

  5. Sorry Di, I was most upset for it too. I didn't believe there were 11 other photos until I counted them! Thanks for visiting.