(and sometimes the beast!)




After a quick turn around the yard this morning I find I do still have flowers, despite my neglect. Thank goodness for recent rains.  
This little daisy is in a hanging pot and I confess to completely forgetting about it quite often; possibly because the pot once was much lower and I kept bumping my head on it, so I put it up higher.  Out of sight and out of mind.
 A recent purchase is this lovely mini rose to see how it would go in a pot out front where nothing has ever lasted more than 2 or 3 weeks before giving up the ghost.  9 days and counting.  This flower is no more than 2cm across but a couple of others are 3cm.
  I have some coriander in what's left of the vege patch and, as it is want to do, it is going to seed but the flowers are very sweet.
My goldfish plant has never let me down and in return I try to keep it in tip top condition (Pam, gave it to me for my birthday some years ago and would be very annoyed with me if it died). I have photo-shopped the shot on the right so you can see even better why they call it a gold fish plant.
Another gift (from my daughter) is this very pretty allamanda, called Jamaican Sunset.  Gone berserk and trying to climb up the stairs.  Might help hold the railing up anyway. 
 Despite being cut back hard because of some disease, the murraya is flowering again and has a delicate fragrance.
I have to confess that although this post might give the impression that my garden could be an entrant in a garden show, that is not the case; selective photography can be deceiving I assure you.


  1. I have never even heard of a goldfish plant until today.

  2. Pam gave it to me, so have managed to keep it alive! It is very cute. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Certainly does make your garden look very lush and show worthy Sandy! Great shots of some beautiful flowers indeed! and I'm sure Pam wouldn't be annoyed if the goldfish plant died.......seeing as how I'd even forgotten I'd even given it to you!!! lol