(and sometimes the beast!)




I discovered this aerodynamically perfect moth on a plant out the front, looking like one of those stealth bombers.  With his ginger coloured mate I couldn't help be reminded of Biggles although, of course, he reigned supreme in a bi plane.  I've never seen a moth that looked like a bi plane though....
Here is Biggles ready for take-off.  "Chocks away, Ginger!"
 Oops!  He crashed into the "street".  
Luckily I was on hand to get him out.  Finally, I stopped bothering the poor thing and left him on the plant but he had flown away by the time I got home from work last night.  Paris perhaps??


  1. This summer we had some butterflies. I hope our garden is full of themnext year and really starts to grow.

  2. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference isn't it? Good luck attracting some beauties!