(and sometimes the beast!)




Sorry, whenever I hear or use the word "whimsey", I can't help but think of Dorothy Sayers' fictional crime fighter Lord Peter Wimsey.  I did love him when I was an impressionable teenager.  I digress.  
 The "whimsey or whimsy" I mean is when I see something totally different in a photograph to what is actually there. Now, surely I'm not the only one who thinks this photo of  banana flowers looks like a frazzled reindeer??? You can eat the purple "pod" as well actually. I personally didn't like it but other people swear by it.
This is almost the same shot.  Same bunch but shot from a different angle so they aren't backlit.  I had spent an hour sitting in a chair outside waiting for a blue-faced honey eater to come and present me with a great shot. They are also known as the bananabird and occasionally I see them on this tree when it has bananas but have yet to get a decent snap of one.   I amused myself by shooting all sorts of other things in the fading light and was intrigued by the white flowers still attached to each little banana.  Anyway, I gave up and the minute I stood up.... yes, you guessed it! The little blighter appeared and my standing spooked him.  I packed it in after another fruitless 10 minutes. I'll get him another day...
Now, this jacaranda seed pod definitely looks like the head of a dessicated frog to me. Or perhaps a lizard...


  1. Aw bad luck on just missing your honeyeater Sandy ... later for sure!
    Well now I never knew about those bananas keeping their flowers attached like that, and I can see where you're getting frazzled reindeer from... yep! That pod's definitely screeching 'alien' at me... cheerio :D)

  2. Glad I'm not the only one with some imagination Susan. I have plenty of that particular bird on other things but only one blurry one on the banana. Thanks for visiting again.