(and sometimes the beast!)




 It seems to me that birds know I'm coming and are even able to hear me pick up the camera.  Sometimes, however, I manage to snap them in strange poses or with funny faces. This yellow tailed black cockatoo was just leaving his precarious perch when I hit the shutter.
This photo was taken at full zoom a little later so lost a bit of clarify but gives the impression he is dive bombing something. He was actually being chased away by a couple of tiny birds.
The pine tree down the road was loaded with galahs on Friday morning but this was the only one to stay when I got closer. Quite the (hungry) acrobat.
 Sulphur-crested white cockatoos often sit on that tree branch shrieking and calling but this one flew off the minute I appeared, camera in hand, but I was happy with the end result.
It seems galahs are not the only hungry acrobats... 
I love the male King-parrot colours, don't you? Glorious red. This guy seemed shocked to see me though. There were five males in the tree that day but this one was also the last one to fly off when they saw me.


  1. Hi Sandy, all those 'surprise' poses are fabulous. Oftentimes so much better than the posed ones... something different.
    I especially love the 'dive-bomber'. Great work :D)

    1. Thanks Susan, I do love the unexpected, when it comes to photos anyway.

  2. You sure do get some great shots.

    1. You're very kind Badger. I'm happy with them and that's what counts.