(and sometimes the beast!)




 Gruesome subject I guess, but it's Nature.  Yesterday, I was looking at this St Andrew's Cross spider because of the sun shining on its web when a fly got slightly stuck.  If the spider hadn't been so quick I think the fly might have escaped.  
I didn't watch the whole event, just took these couple of snaps which showed me the venom didn't kill immediately.  Lots of struggling went on. Had it been a bee I might have intervened (probably uselessly). But a fly?
This is the fly today, all neatly wrapped, could even be a takeaway...


  1. Look sometimes I wonder why God invented flies except to feed spiders. And I guess he spiders are to feed birds. But I could do without the funnel web and the redback.

    1. I do agree Badger. Love the spider dance too... NOT! that's when you walk into a web and don't know if the spider is on you. Aaaaaargh! Thanks for visiting..