(and sometimes the beast!)




 Now that we, here in normally sunny Queensland, are about to be in the icy grip of winter, it wouldn't be unusual to get the winter blues.  I decided to look on the bright side of those blues, so to speak.  Perhaps, you could say, the purple side!  
The native violets or viola banksii, above, are on show at a park on the top of Buderim.  No perfume but very beautiful.
Another sort of violet is my nodding violet or streptocarpella which is putting on a winter show at the moment. Again, no perfume but very striking.
Athough more famous for fabulous flowers, I think the seed pods on crepe myrtle or Lagerstroemia indica make a striking pose against a winter sky.
Rosemary is flowering as well at the moment with a sweet blue/mauve flower.
 This tiny little flower is comfrey and is much loved by the bees. 
Winter sunsets can be quite spectacular but I chose this one because of its wintery feel.  Brrrrrrr...


  1. Fab shots Sandy! Violets of any type are a big favourite of mine. They're so sweet.
    I hadn't realised how beautiful the Rosemary flower is! Though mine are of course in flower too, I've never seen them at such close quarters. :) ♥

    1. Thanks Pam. Most of the herbs are surprisingly pretty but we do tend to ignore them, or pinch them off don't we? Those violets were just gorgeous, shame they have no frangrance though.

  2. I remember winter in Australia. You don't have to rug up like an Eskimo.

  3. This year it has lasted maybe a week in Queensland. Even the snow in Stanthorpe was an overnight sensation. And all those who flocked there to get a look were disappointed as it was gone next day! Thanks for visiting...