(and sometimes the beast!)




When I took this snap of the wreck of HMAS Gayundah at Redcliffe recently, it occurred to me that I had taken a few shots of various wrecks and ruins over the years.  Some had been posted and some hadn't, so I decided to group some together.
This shot shows part of the Tangalooma Wrecks which comprises 15 ships sunk to make a breakwall, which is popular with divers, boaties and birds.  I took the shot on a whale watching visit a couple of years ago.  
This old fishing shack on the Maroochy River is a favourite of mine.  I wonder how long it will be before it falls into the river forever? 
On my trip to Tasmania last year I saw lots of ruins at Port Arthur of course, but this ruin was on one of our stops along the Gordon River and is part of a house in a long forgotten penal colony along there.
Beautiful Arrowtown in New Zealand's south island has a large number of ruins.  The many varied types of miner's cottages are very interesting to see and explore.
Even bridges are left in ruins and I love this one, taken near Romsey in Victoria.  
A timber tinker at Mt Matheson, Scenic Rim is slowly rusting and rotting away along one of the old timber trails.
 I love the look of this weather worn dray which I saw at Hanging Rock Winery on another visit to Victoria. 
 And, lastly, a wreck and ruin of a tree at Hanging Rock which I named Lightning Jack. Sometimes, I know just how he must feel...


  1. Love these interesting photos! The first two wrecks are fascinating. Can't believe they are just sitting in the ocean like that!

  2. There are a few around the Qld coastline Di. They use them for diving or to build up a seawall to protect parts of the coast. Some are more visible than others. Thanks for visiting...

  3. There are many towns in the USA that have been abandoned and are gradually falling to bits. I am planning on visiting some.

  4. I look forward to seeing some of your photos then Badger. Always amazes me to think places get abandoned and others are overcrowded. Mother Nature soon prevails in those deserted spots.