(and sometimes the beast!)




 This morning I saw this little guy enjoying a bit of morning sun high up in a nearby bunya pine against a backdrop of rain clouds, so (apologies for being so slack posting lately) thought I would post about the blue-faced honeyeaters in my area.  I saw a couple with very green faces the other day but that apparently means they are juveniles.
There is a big palm tree (not sure what sort) in which they like to make their nests.  I don't understand why because the slightest wind has the fronds blowing around madly.  I would think they lose a lot of babies.  I certainly have found the odd nest in the yard after a storm.  [edit: it's a cabbage tree palm]
Anyway, this morning on my way back from my walk I managed to get a shot of one of the parents flying in with a snack for the fledglings.  That looks like one BIG spider to feed a honey-eating baby but I guess they have to start out with lots of protein.
 The blue X marks the spot of the nest.  It's up pretty high.
They are very noisy birds and quite bossy.  Always flying at the cats and chasing off other birds.  Here is one brave bugger actually pulling the tail feather of a kookaburra... in a gang of kookaburras.  

Cheeky thing.  The kookaburra just moved and then eventually the gang flew away.


  1. They are cheeky indeed, and also very noisy especially when they get together with those pesky Noisy Miners!! Maybe it's a honeyeater characteristic, given they're both in that family.

    Lovely shots Sandy! xx

    1. Thanks Pam. They are not the prettiest of the honey eaters either. But I like them...

  2. Wow Kookaburras. I just long to hear Kookaburras again. Neat photos.

    1. I should tape the next choir for you. Had to turn down the radio so I could hear them... NOT!