(and sometimes the beast!)




 I have been back to the Maroochy River.  Not sure I could get tired of it and am just sorry I don't live closer.  The Council has done a lot of work there which is much appreciated by the locals, both human and critter.  Above is a cheeky fantail or willy wag tail.  The tree he is perched on is mostly dead but you can see male flowers of the Casuarina glauca
 I tried to get a macro shot of the flower but it was impossible with the breeze blowing constantly but you get the idea from these 2 shots.
I love this fishing shack, almost a ruin. I think I've posted it before, but, no matter.
 I took almost 200 photos that afternoon and that was because I was trying get a focussed shot of one of the terns which were dive bombing the fish. Not many of them were but a few came out well.
Not sure if this guy actually has a fish or if it's the beak I see.
 This plane photo-bombed my tern and I laughed out loud when I realised I had them both in the same frame. Bonus! "Plane? What plane?"
 Here Mr Pelican is enjoying the last of the sun but I was captivated by the way he almost disappears into the shimmering light. 
 Time to go home. Another fabulous sunset on the river to take with me.


  1. Hello Sandy
    I love your birding photos - what a great selection you have in Qld!
    The little Willie Wagtails us so cute.
    The terns are difficult to photograph, they move so quickly!
    WHAT a shot with the plane getting in the frame too.
    Do you join in any photography memes? I sometimes join Eileen for her Saturday critters, email me if you're interested.
    Following you now.
    Enjoy your birding walks!
    Shane in New Zealand

    1. So sorry not to have replied sooner. Have been taking a mini break. Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated. I don't follow memes usually but I'll think about it. I do enjoy my birding walks. Not much walking in the end, just lots of stopping and snapping!