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A couple of weeks ago, during one of my walks along the Maroochy River, I posted about the flowers of the casuarina tree.  When I read about it I realised what I had snapped were male flowers, so I went looking for the females and was delighted to find some.  These look newly opened with some buds beside them. They are unexpectedly pretty (and difficult to photograph as they are hidden by the branches).
[edit 16/9/15: Ian from Florez Nursery blog has enlightened me, again. He suggests that this flower is from a mistletoe species which attaches itself to casuarina trees. See his comment below.]
 These look almost spent but are from a different tree so perhaps they grow differently on that tree?  Or perhaps as they age and mature, they grow outwards... [no, these are the real deal, see above]
These are the male flowers I posted before, totally different as you can see.
About the best I could get in the way of close up, wind being my enemy along the coast.


  1. Don't want to be a doubting thomas but doesn't a mistletoe species imitate casuarina flowers and branches and this is what is shown?

    1. Your input is much appreciated Mr D Thomas! BUT that would explain the odd looking branches I saw on another tree and the fact that the 2 sorts of flowers are so different. Also unexpected... Thanks Ian

  2. Just catching up. Some excellent pics there.