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The tiny Silvereye is one of my favourite local birds and they have a sweet song. Because he is backlit, it's difficult to see the olive green of his feathers.  He was so busy preening himself in between flitting from branch to branch, it took me ages to finally get a usable photo. I nearly packed it in but patience is a valuable tool for a photographer I've found.
 The aggressive noisy miner is not a favourite of mine at all, especially since I've read that they are multiplying faster that most other native birds and competing with the pesky/pesty Indian myna to chase away my favourites.  They have an annoying "twit, twit" call. But this guy caught my eye, seemingly curious about what I was doing.
 I have posted a photo of this kind of butterfly before although this photo is sharper.  It's called an Evening Brown (although I took this in the morning) and they keep to the darker parts of the woodlands which makes it difficult to focus on them. Again, I was unable to get a snap of the inside of the wings which are very pretty with more autumnal colours; too fast my old eyes.
I love the "face" on the back of this spider, looks a bit like an African mask.  Once I'd stopped doing the spider dance after I'd walked into its web, I was able to appreciate it more.

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