(and sometimes the beast!)




This will be the last post for a few weeks as I am off to foreign parts tomorrow and being as I'm not technically savvy, probably won't be able to work out how to post from there.  If you are a facebook or instagram friend you might see a few taken by phone!
Meanwhile, enjoy these flowers from the beautiful native silky oak which are out now. 
Currently around these parts we are being bothered by the call of the Koel.  This is a male Eastern Koel and their calls are incessant, seemingly going on most of the day and night.  I am not looking forward to the hatching of their young (they lay an egg in the nests of other birds leaving those poor parents to feed them) because they will scream for food all the time.  On a bright note, that will all be over by the time I get back.
See you back here in late November, hopefully with posts full of marvellous photos.
Edit:  After finishing this post, I heard a bit of a ruckus out front involving birds so rushed out with the camera and found 2 male Koel's being harrassed by at least 10 smaller birds in my front tree.  Below is a noisy friar bird flying at one and in the other one was fighting off a couple noisy miners, one of which is just visible.  Perhaps it's a ruse so their females can get into the nests of the the smaller birds and lay their eggs....
"Fight, fight, fight!"
"En garde!"


  1. No internet on the boat - I missed your beaut photos.

  2. OK I am sick of these birds - new ones please.