(and sometimes the beast!)




Lately, I have heard cries of "Where did 2015 go?" or "What are your New Year's resolutions?"  In my mind the advent of the New Year brings on a slight depression, to be honest.  Where did the bloody year go? What the hell can I resolve to do that I will actually stick to?  You see? Slightly depressing questions.  It occurred to me I had a window of opportunity to discipline myself to meet the challenge of 2016's doorway to the future... Only time will tell if I manage it.  I resolve to do more blogging, photography and crafting because from 1st February I will be working three days a week instead of five.  Yeehah!
All this navel gazing reminded me that I hadn't blogged for a couple of weeks and that I had taken an inordinate number of photographs of doors and windows on my recent jaunt overseas.  Here are a few of them...  
Above is an unusual looking door taken in Paris  Possibly a door to the future....  old meets new.
This was definitely a window of opportunity.  Taken from inside the Schonbrunn Palace in Austria, looking out to the spectacular gardens and fountain as we were about to pass through the barricade into the palace where we could not take photos at all!  So I figured if we hadn't actually passed through the entryway then I could take this photo in all good conscience. You're welcome...
I confess the cat is what first took my fancy out front of this sweet little house in the medieval town of Miltenberg in Germany. I couldn't help wondering what the inside of the house looked like though.
I loved the colour of this door in Paris and, luckily, no one was walking past it. Bonus!
Unlike this fantastic door, also in Paris.  I guess I could have chopped the passersby out somehow, but people keep telling me that having people in my photos gives them a point of interest.  Well, out of interest, here's half of a couple of people! 
 I was quite taken with this building in Regensberg, Germany, which had a wonderfully quirky door BUT then I noticed that the bottom floor windows were painted on the wall.  Fascinating bit of trompe-l'oeil which fooled a few people in our group who hadn't noticed it. 
In a little place called Durnstein in Austria, there is a ruin on top of the nearby hill which is where Richard, the Lionheart, was held captive for ransom. It's a big climb but we made it up there and this window has one of my favourite views from the ruins.  Imagine if this was a portal from the past and King Richard looked out to see an air balloon and below that, a contrail from a jet.  A window to the future in this case.
Demel's cafe in Vienna has wonderful Christmas windows and this one is dedicated to their famous apple strudel, telling the story of a young girl escaping her dreary life by being lifted up in a whirlwind of autumn apples and leaves.  Is the girl outside the window about to enjoy the same fate?  
I wish you all a satisfying year in 2016, full of adventure and excitement, health and wealth.  Goodbye 2015...


  1. Wow, I'd love to visit all these places - Europe is on the top of my wish list. I love this Door post, such an interesting way to photograph places. Happy New Year! :)

    1. Thank you. It certainly is a fascinating place. Your next win perhaps??? Good luck to you and Happy New Year Di.