(and sometimes the beast!)




I often walk along the beach at Coolum, not because I live nearby but a friend does and we meet up of an afternoon sometimes after work for a bit of exercise in a great location. Not as often as we should do but every bit helps, surely?  Yesterday we were surprised to see skydivers landing when we arrived so it was an entertaining walk as well.
Very popular with surfers too, even though the tide was out.  I missed a few spectacular falls.  If only I'd been quicker...
There was a big storm cloud on the horizon to the south. Fortunately, we didn't get rained on.
I went bush at one stage to see if I could get a nice sunset shot but the trees were too dense, so settled for this shot. There were some shy little birds in the canopy too which I could hear but not see in the gloom.
Way out to sea, we could see the sails on a boat shining in the setting sun.
It was an educational walk for me too as I spotted this lady swinging a bag along the sand.  My friend told me it was burley which is used to entice worms to the surface for bait.  We didn't see her get any but she had a box on her waist containing some.
Not sure what the tide was doing but I was smitten with the clouds reflected in the wet sand. The Sky is Falling!
Our lovely walk finished the way it started when we saw more skydivers arriving.  You may not be able to see it but up in the sky there are 3 objects.  One is an osprey who ignored the interlopers. The sky divers are at the top of the frame and Mr Osprey is just below that little round cloud towards the middle.
I took this shot last week of Mr Osprey as he flew past the same spot. The wind was so strong at the time, I had trouble holding my camera steady so not too many photos taken that day.
One of the skydivers coming in to land with a stunning backdrop of reflected sunset.
This is the actual sunset which, to be honest, was not as colourful as it is reflected out to sea. Wonder why that is?
Just about to get in the car when I heard this brown honeyeater chattering and flitting around in the banksia. Not the best shot but in the dying light I was happy to get it.  Another great walk at Coolum Beach then it was back to reality.

"After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world." Pam Shaw


  1. It makes me want to be at the beach. I will be back in July but it will be too cold to swim.

    1. Unless you went to the tropics but the irukandji jelly fish and blue ring octopus might get you!

  2. Great shots Sandy and makes me think that I should be walking along our beaches much more often, after all they're only a couple of blocks away! xx

    1. Thanks, yes you should take advantage of your location. There have been some great shots posted on a local Redcliffe site over the sea.