(and sometimes the beast!)




 I like to take a walk for the Sunday paper (weather permitting) and today I had a nice surprise on my own doorstep.  I heard an unfamiliar bird call before opening the door and as I walked down the drive heard it again.  Luckily, I had my big camera with me so when I spotted this pheasant in the front yard, was ideally placed to get some shots before he flew into the tree.
I have posted previously here about a pheasant in a neighbour's yard, and at the time didn't have a full picture, it was more like a jigsaw as he flitted around the tree, careful not to expose himself fully.
Certainly they have beautiful plumage and from what I've read, the black feathers on the head mean it's breeding season.  Normally, they have reddish/chestnut coloured feathers on their heads.


  1. Wow, what a find! Great shots of a pretty special bird. He seems to have resting bitch face though. LOL! :)

    1. Thanks Di. He/she wasn't happy because there was a cat around. Mind you it was bigger than the cat! Next day there was another one in the back yard, different colour on the head. Maybe that's why he had a bitch face, the other one wasn't in season!