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Someone said to me recently they thought I often took photos of strange things others wouldn't even notice or think to photograph.  To me, that's half the fun of photography, seeing things others pass by.  Here is a bunch of oddities I noticed when on holiday last year (I have lots more).  
Above, are a couple of soldiers guarding the entrance to a restaurant in Singapore overlooking the Straits of Johore.  The area was once part of a British Naval Base but is now part of Sembawang Park.  Perhaps more amusing than odd.
  Pont Neuf in Paris and some of the 300 caricature sculptures of French noblemen which adorn it. Apparently, King Henri 4th thought it would be funny... And perhaps it is in the daylight. In the dark it's a tiny bit scary.
 We thought this would be Napoleon when we first saw it but it isn't.  When Hermes started manufacturing, it was saddlery they made, not very expensive scarves. This statue is from those days it seems.
 Like in a lot of museums around the world, one does see some very strange things in the Louvre.  These 2 statues in particluar tickled my fancy.  On the left is apparently the world's first selfie (and I have to ask what the heck is it if not a mobile phone?) and on the right, the guy seems to be perplexed about where he left his trousers.  Again, more amusing than odd.  Perhaps I should change the post title??
In Amsterdam there were a lot of oddities.  I loved the cement ducks (or maybe they're bronze, difficult to tell) and saw a few different ones around about.  But then we saw a purpose built duck house which I thought was very odd. Why would a duck need a house???
I loved this little mermaid I spotted across a canal during a walk around a small town
We laughed out loud when we saw this auto repair shop on our way back to Amsterdam.  I can't read Dutch though so not sure what sort of shop it is...
Not a real puss in case you wondered, but just another wall decoration in Amsterdam. Why? Perhaps I just wasn't feline it...
 Now this one is definitely odd. And if I hadn't been sick and unable to join the first few tours after we started our cruise I wouldn't have seen it at all.  I noticed that bridges in Europe often had quirky little things sticking out from the sides. This one was in Cologne. Not sure if he's scared because he saw a seagull or is about to squash it!

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