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 I've been taking lots of shots of birds of late and because it's about time I blogged again, decided a bevy of feathered beauties might do the trick.  These corellas are frequent visitors to my current workplace at Cooroy and love the pine cones in our tree.  They were in a flock of about 50. 
Currawongs are also frequent visitors and a group of 7 were outside our kitchen window, serenading me while they fed on the red berries of an unidentified shrub (the boss said what it was but I can only remember it is a pest). They really are wonderful song birds.
This cute drongo was snacking on a grasshopper as I walked under his tree in Mooloolaba one day. 
During a walk at Kingscliff recently, I spotted this osprey feeding on a fish high up on a pole. 
I love ospreys and I'm always trying to shoot them flying.... with varying degrees of success.  This one was taken at Coolum Beach.
Lots of figbirds in my suburb (this one is a male)... they are also great little songsters.
I took this shot of a yellow-tailed black cockatoo in a neighbour's tree the other day because he was making such a mournful sound.  He was there quite a long time, moaning and chirping, (not their usual raucous call) so I think he was on his own and waiting for his mates.  As I was putting this post together I heard the usual call and rushed out to see two fly over but I had cunningly forgotten to turn on the camera and they were gone!  Aaaaargh!  Hopefully, one of them was this fellow, reunited.
I love photos of birds taken front on because they look so funny. "Are you, lookin' at me?" This is a noisy friarbird and I have to say, they are not the most handsome of birds. In fact, they look a little like a throwback to their dinosaur days with their featherless heads and knobby beaks.  But I like them.  This one is feeding on yellow grevillea
Lastly, a black kite sat prettily for me in the waning daylight the other day in Bli Bli. An unexpected surprise.

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