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I recently headed out to Stanthorpe to celebrate a family birthday and stayed overnight at their farm. It's a long drive from the Sunshine Coast so I was happy not to have to turn around and drive straight home. And of course, shared the driving with one of my daughters. The scenery through The Scenic Rim and The Granite Belt is... well, scenic!
As well as the usual farm animals we were treated to lots of crimson rosellas who flock there to feed on the "leftovers" from the pigs and horses.The one sitting on the fence is a juvenile I think as the plumage hasn't quite come in to the brilliant red of the adults. 
These colourful eastern rosellas gave me a front and rear view and were happy to pick through the horse manure for tidbits...
The horses were very friendly, especially if you had a handful of grass.
A sample of the farm babies.  Firstly, a sweet black lamb with one white foot and white tail tip.  And a week old piglet with funny curled back ears. It will grow into a huge pig, if mum and dad are anything to go by.
 A couple of the pretty chooks that run around the place.  The silky is particularly attractive I think.
 I loved this Jersey cow's expressive face.
And here is Xena, much loved family pet and Queen of all she surveys. She's getting on now and much prefers to lie beside the fire.  This photo was taken in the afternoon so she'd been up for a couple of hours.
We practically needed a second car for all the winter woollies and "just in case" clothes and although it was supposed to be 2 degrees overnight, I didn't think it was too bad in the morning. My hands weren't at all cold and they are my personal thermometre.  However, if I'd put my hand in this frosty glove I found left outside overnight, it might have been a different story.

“Farming is a profession of hope” ― Brian Brett


  1. It is lovely country and I miss it. However we do have some relatives here (my niece - isn't that weird she lives a mile away) and she has some chooks.

    1. Yes Badger, very scenic. Chooks is a very Aussie term isn't it. Thanks for visiting.