(and sometimes the beast!)




I decided on a quick stroll around the Noosa Botanic Gardens in Cooroy yesterday after work. I was feeling very pleased with myself, initiating a walk on my own and was rewarded with these two tawny frogmouths, waiting for evening. They looked so sweet sitting there together and I think I know which end is up.
[edit 30/7/16: went back yesterday with a different camera and managed a closeup of the beak and they looked to be sitting straighter although it was as if they hadn't moved for 24 hours)
I continued along and hear a bit of noise high up in a nearby gum tree to see this little miss galah dragging foliage into what I presume is a nesting area.  
She disappeared into the nest and this chap followed shortly after. Perhaps on an inspection tour... They both looked quite cheeky I thought.
The place is alive with birds and this is a corella I snapped on another walk there, getting stuck into some seed pods.  There is a flock I've seen often around the area but on that day I could only see this one.
The Gardens are on Lake MacDonald so there are large numbers of water birds of all types around the place, including this little water hen (not sure what sort it is). Look at the size of those feet!
 Lots of ducks and pelicans too.  These two are usually found in this spot snoozing despite the fact that several others are still out and about.


  1. You are not to slack off because I am not blogging. I will be back soon. I need your bird pics.

  2. Will do my best Badger. Am one of your FB friend's now too.