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I noticed this little sacred kingfisher this morning and he hung around for a while until...
 ...he swooped down and bring up a gecko for his breakfast which took a few gulps to get down.  As far as I can see it's one of the invasive geckos from Asia so in this case he's doing a good job for our native reptiles. 
I took a much clearer snap of a kookaburra (also from the kingfisher family) dining on a gecko the other day. He flew off to eat in private.
Here, a blue-faced honeyeater is about to feed a juicy spider to it's baby, high up in a palm where my camera can't intrude.  Perhaps a drone one day? Probably get eaten by a hawk.
I caught an eastern koel stealing some of my tomatoes. Funny that they're almost the same colour as his eyes...
I can't tell what Mr Crow is eating on the high wire here.  Could be some ghastly toad road kill or similar. I read somewhere that they've worked out how to pick around the poison of the toad. Very clever birds. 
Not sure what this Lewins honeyeater has in his beak but he got it out of the water dish. Hope it was tasty.
I believe this is a grey butcherbird which has just picked up a nice green grasshopper takeaway.
Time for my dinner.

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