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It's a rainy day today and as it was Sunday which is my usual day to take a walk, I was reminded of this fabulous day a few weeks ago when my daughter and I headed out for some exercise. This shot is taken from the start of the the bush track from Sunshine Beach heading north to Alexandria Bay. The blues of the sky and the sea are glorious aren't they?
As we slogged along the coastal track, we stopped for a breather and were rewarded with the sight of some marine cuties.  I took about a hundred shots and have to confess that only about 10 showed the dolphins above the waterline. Nevertheless, I was thrilled with this one which was the best of them.
Once we reached A Bay, we took another breather.  I later heard it is a nude beach and I've since gone through all my photos and there might be one shot of a guy walking along the beach who could have been sans swimmers; but then, he could have been wearing beige shorts! But who cares about that when you can photograph a magnificent osprey??

 Along the way there was lots to focus on (besides my wobbly legs and laboured breathing).
 On our way back to Sunshine Beach, we could hear eagle calls above and I nearly fell over scrabbling for a break in the tree canopy to shoot it.  I believe it's a white bellied sea eagle (aptly named).  The next day we heard that a guy had to be rescued because he fell off the cliff at Sunshine Beach; perhaps he was trying to photograph the same birds...
As well as the white bellied sea eagle, gorgeous Mr Osprey was there... 
  ...and although they didn't exactly fight, I believe harsh words were exchanged as they played chicken before flying off!

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