(and sometimes the beast!)




Yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time outside trying to get a photo of some blue triangle butterflies which were dancing around my neighbour's mock orange (Murraya paniculata) but gave up in disgust, seeming to have only snapped vast skies of perfect blue behind the flowers, just missing the subjects each time. But then I uploaded the shots to the computer and after a bit of cropping, it turned out I had caught a lovely dance off, not just the butterflies but including a bee! A joyful moment indeed.
To top it off, I'd also unknowingly captured a dandelion seed heading off to parts unknown... But that meant I didn't get to wish on it.


  1. So cool to see those blue triangles!! Bonus bee and dandelion too... just goes to show, always check on screen before deleting (note to self ha ha).
    Cheers Sandy :D)

  2. I was so disappointed at spending so much time out in the sun for no result that I was thrilled to find such great shots. I never delete until I've downloaded the card anyway. Good rule of thumb. Thanks for visiting Sue.

  3. I have a visit from a 'blue triangle' most days and boy are they fast. Their preferred food is camphor laurel tree flowers and other 'laurels' like Bay tree.

    1. Thanks for visiting Ian. I agree they are very fast! Will keep an eye out around the few 'laurels' I've seen in this area.

  4. Great photos, I especially love the butterflies and bee one! I know how hard it is to capture birds on film, I've tried a lot and it's a fluke when I actually get one in the photo!

    Di from Max The Unicorn