(and sometimes the beast!)




Life is a real struggle for some and these are a couple of examples I've noticed of late...
I noticed a tiny umbrella tree with a stranglehold on a palm tree, at least 5 metres up. Who will be the victor I wonder and how long will it take? 
When I first saw this wasp, I was seeing him from the back as he walked up a door and it  looked like some intestines had come out or something.  
By the time I returned with the camera he'd moved and the true story was revealed.  These photos are not as clear as I'd hoped due to low light and a moving subject. So I rushed out to see if the murder was over with a view to getting a better shot, but he's now moved on with his meal and no sign of a green grub on the deck. I think the wasp was the victor here.

... to the victor belongs the spoils.


  1. "So I rushed out to see if the murder was over..." HAHAHAA, love it! Poor lil green grub!

    1. Yes poor lil grub, that has now been stopped from chewing up my tomatoes! Thanks for stopping by Di... hope you're over that lurgy soonly.

  2. Hi Sandy, definitely some mammoth struggles going on their! Great pics :D)

    1. Thanks Sue. Mother Nature rewarding the persistent...