(and sometimes the beast!)




I'm dog sitting this cutie for a few weeks so we were doing lots of walking and managed some nice bird shots whilst doing that.  Darcy has been photographed and mentioned before on my Travelling Sisterhood blog here. I get to say, "my boyfriend, Darcy."  He's pretty well behaved and quite handsome. I'm also updating his blog "Tales of a Travelling Terrier".
 He's helped me in the garden...
We've been to the beach...
Seen all sorts of wildlife...  (birds, wot birds??) 
Although he looks like he is going after the waterdragon, he had zero interest in it... 
I had to photoshop him onto the platypus pic...
Sometimes it's been very trying for him.  He doesn't like thunder storms so was allowed up onto the bed where he shivered and shook until it was over, poor boy. 
He and the cat rarely see eye to eye... 
Only here it's eye to bum!
I had to start wearing a boot on my left leg for a tear in a small foot muscle that hasn't responded to strapping and shock wave treatment, so long walks are out but we'll still go places and on short walks. 
He went to ceramics with me yesterday where he charmed the ladies and managed to score a few titbits under the table.  I'm sure he'll be fine and quite worn out by the time his parents come back to pick him up. Only two weeks to go but who's counting?


  1. Hi Sandy, I'm very late popping in this time but have had a blogbreak!
    Darcy is adorable and if ever I could have a doggie, it would be one such as him. He has the more lovely eyes and I can see how much you enjoy his company.
    Sorry about your foot muscle, things like that are really annoying aren't they, hope by now it has healed up ok.
    I'd love to see what you've made at ceramics - or perhaps I've missed that post?
    Cheers and hugs from Sue

    1. *most (lovely eyes) .. ;D)

    2. Thanks Sue. No posts since this so I'm on a blogbreak too. He is a sweetie and I did miss him after he left, for a day or so, Bruce didn't miss him at all. Darcy is off to the UK in a few months for at least a year so will be an interesting time for him. My foot sort of healed up, thanks, but just got back from Borneo where all the walking has started it up again. Will put the boot back on and hope for the best. New post will be about... Borneo! Thanks for visiting.