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My daughter's fiance is having a love affair with Australian native bees and has put a hive in my backyard (bottom photo). I must say they are quite an insignificant looking insect and although I had probably seen them many times before, I never realised they were actually bees. They could pass as a small house fly to my untrained eye and hopefully you can see in the photo of the inside of the hive just how tiny they are. They do make honey although not in the class of the normal honey bee, in my opinion anyway. I've tasted their honey which was quite mild and only slightly sweet. Their combs are pretty ugly looking too as you may also be able to see. The top guy (or gal) was snapped in Canada a few years ago just because of its sheer size, being more than twice the size of any honey bee I'd seen before. Perhaps I don't get out enough....

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