(and sometimes the beast!)




Another year has been and gone at warp speed without my fulfilling one resolution. I'll also be mourning the loss of this sweet magnolia...

Originally posted on 31/7/10, I said: 
"I only hope that when/if the vacant lot it's growing on is sold that the new owners don't cut it down (when it's not flowering) not realising what it is."  

At first the tree remained a thing of beauty, flowering strongly while construction continued all around it.  Then, a couple of months ago, after flowering had finished, I realised it was gone.  I was very upset at the time and now have to avert my gaze as I come around that corner because its savaged, bare trunk stands as a stark reminder of the loss of such beauty.  I feel like putting a shame sign on the fence with a photo of the flowers saying, "Murdered by Builders!".  RIP Sweet Magnolia...