(and sometimes the beast!)




 That's what I reckon the newspaper headline might read anyway, had I slipped on the way down Mt Coolum today. Almost made it to the top, but the wind was too blustery and the knees were not cooperating. Note to self: "your knees are older than you are apparently and can no longer cope with extended climbing."
 From almost the top, I took these snaps of the dinosaur wandering around the Palmer Coolum Resort despite the wind blowing me around and increasing camera shake.  I was worried I would slip but stood my ground.
 This is the coast up to Maroochydore way on a particularly overcast morning.  It was just starting to spit as we reached the car. Note the rock formation on the right and read about it below.
For one blinding second there was sun! You can see the beach lit up with sunshine to the north around Marcus Beach. Photo kindly taken by Kara who was escorting her poor old Mum.  Halfway up, I decided I wasn't going any further so gave the camera to her so she could take a shot of the dinosaur for me.  I bravely struggled on though, and met up with her just shy of the top.  She didn't go all the way herself due to the wind, so I figure I did quite well really, particularly as I've denied the local rag a lurid headline.
No doubt, due to the large numbers of people climbing Mt Coolum on any given day (or those very fit buggers who RUN up and down), the only wildlife I saw was the dinosaur.  No birds or even lizards so I contented myself with some tree bark; some had nature's graffiti or were brilliantly coloured or just interesting. It's a great walk though to test yourself, there were plenty of children going up as well as elderly and unfit people (not just me thank you very much).  


  1. Why thank you Liana. You'd be one of those show off runners but at least Tony would know how I felt! Thanks for visiting.