(and sometimes the beast!)




Having been badgered by Badger in the comments about posting some new birds, I have been motivated to start blogging again after returning from the Yonder.  These first photos are, I believe, possibly of hummingbirds taken at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. We were near the end of our visit, rushing for the bus, and it was possibly the highlight of the day for me. 
And here is the ONLY shot I got of this sweet bird feeding.
At the botanical gardens I snapped this gorgeous red dragon fly.
At the Singapore Zoo, I was amused by this baboon's attitude to gawking tourists. Looks a bit like Cousin Itt sitting on the pot! 
Also taken at the Zoo was this passing pretty bird, not sure if it was picking up stuff for a nest or that is something scrumptious to eat. Who else but me would be taking photos of wild birds and flowers at a zoo?  
It was a wonderful trip and I took over 2500 photos, many of which are bad, having been taken from moving buses and so on.  I will try not to bore you too much with my holiday snaps.  Next stop Paris!  Maybe. Haven't decided but will try not to leave it too long.


  1. Finally you are back. Seeing you wonderful photos makes my day.

  2. Yes, I am back! Thank you Badger, I hope I can make many more of your days :)