(and sometimes the beast!)




Now I've retired, I no longer work in Cooroy and I must say I will miss the place, especially the Noosa Botanic Gardens. Today, after a farewell lunch, I took my daughter there. The first thing we saw was this very colourful tree snake masquerading as a garden sprinkler in the Scaevola. It was getting a tad irritated by the attention I think as it began swaying and gyrating. Dance competition perhaps?  We left it alone and returned later but it had moved on.
Down to the pond but in the searing heat I only managed one focused shot of one of the two frogs we spotted. 
We saw a couple of turtles and the place is full of white and purple water lilies and lots of dragon flies. Appreciated this red one which kindly stopped near the lily so I could get the money shot before zooming off.
Love the colour of these 2 beehive ginger flowers which were hiding in the undergrowth.

I daresay I'll be back soon...


  1. A great place to visit that's for sure. Amazing shot of the tree snake ... at first I thought it wasn't real!!
    Lovely frog (ooooh, be careful of the snake little froggie ;D))
    Gorgeous water lily and great shot of the dragonfly too.
    Those ginger flowers are fascinating... great post Sandy, thanks. Enjoy the next part of your life :D)

    1. Thanks Sue, hope I can be as productive as you are!